All You Need To Know About Microsoft . Net Framework

Microsoft: “The .Net framework helps you create mobile, desktop and web applications that run on windows PCs, devices and servers.”

Microsoft .Net

If you have ever used Windows Operating System, you probably have heard about the .Net Framework. As a common user you actually need not know much about this technology. But if you are a developer you should know about the .Net Framework in depth. So let’s get it done!

What Microsoft .Net Framework actually is?

During late 20th century when developers wanted to develop applications, they had to build it from scratch. Sometimes they had to code the same piece of code with same logic used in different applications. It was because no platform was yet created where common pieces of code would be saved and developers could call them whenever they needed. Until Microsoft came with a solution called Microsoft.Net Framework.

According to programming terms, framework is a technology where libraries of code are shared and developers can make use of them when required. These libraries of code can perform various functions. Hence; by the introduction of frameworks a developer need not code everything from scratch. Instead he can call different library codes which are already built in.

Microsoft.Net Framework is a platform which supports various programming languages such as C#, C++, VB.Net, Jscript and etc. and is used to develop both desktop and web page applications. This framework offers object oriented programming environment and the apps developed through this framework are cross platform apps. In other words; apps developed using this framework can smoothly run on platforms like Windows, Linux and even MAC.

.Net Platforms

.Net Framework also provides a runtime environment. It means that when you run an application on this framework, the code related to that application is compiled at runtime only and then executed. Hence; the .Net framework can also be called to be machine independent. Therefore; the applications that are developed in the .Net framework are actually portable. Once you develop an application on a platform, you can run it on any other platform you wish to. The only requirement would be that the system should support the .Net.

The .Net framework supports somehow around 70 programming languages among which a great number of third party languages exist. The latest version of the .Net framework which was released in March 2017 is (.Net Framework 4.7) which you can freely download from the MICROSOFT.

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How can you develop applications using the .Net Framework?

In order to develop applications and web pages using languages you need to have the proper IDE. IDE or Integrated Development Environment is a software which you can use to develop apps using different languages.

Microsoft Visual Studio is a very solid IDE for the .Net framework. It is one of the best server-side debugging IDEs. Its latest version (Microsoft Visual Studio 2017) is released and available for DOWNLOAD.

Visual Studio 2017


  1. The .Net framework is not limited to Windows. With the help of the .Net framework’s implementations such as (.Net Core) you can create applications that can run on Windows, Linux and Mac.
  2. The .Net framework is not limited to Windows Applications. You can also develop web pages using the ASP.Net technology.
  3. All sort of major companies including Dell use the .Net.

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