Learn These Languages and Start Hack

Most of the people who are new to computer technology or people who have just heard about the computers and Hack are interested to learn Hacking. As they do not know that it has it’s own steps and a procedure to learn Hacking and Hack. In this article we’ve mentioned three categories of programming that help you choose your way to Hacking.

1# For Web App / Pentesting / Hack:

Internet Hack

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the basics for creating web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser. So if you don’t know HTML you should first learn it.

JavaScript: Learning JavaScript. It will help you to understand the basics of Cross Site Scripting.

PHP / SQL: The majority of web applications are written using PHP and MySQL. So it is a must to learn PHP.

2# For Writing/Understanding Exploits, Shell Codes, Rootkits etc:

Code to Hack

C & C++: More than 60 % of the exploits you will find on the web are written in C & C ++. Learning C & C++ will help you to understand about Buffer overflows, Stack overflow etc – so learning C and C ++ is a must for every Hacker/Pentester.

Read this: [button link=”http://codejow.com/cplusplus-17-newer-version-c-bring-power-simplicity/” target=”self” color=”black” icon=”none” style=”normal” size=”default”]C++ 17[/button]

Assembly: If you want to learn, Write/understandShell codes, assembly can help you. It will also help you in Reverse Engineering applications and software’s.

3# For Building Tools And Scripts:

Python: Python is a very powerful high-level language, it’s easy to learn and code, most of the tools and scripts for automation are written in Python. Knowing Python socket programming will help you a lot in Exploit writing.

Ruby:Another language for writing scripts’ tools. Metasploit Framework is written in Ruby. Learning ruby will help you understand the in and outs of MSF.

Bash: Learning Bash is very useful in writing small scripts for automation.


Best of Luck!

source: Hackagon


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