How to Project PC Screen to Mobile Screen

If you are interested to project your PC Personal Computer’s screen to your Mobile’s screen, then follow this article.

There are many ways to project PC screen to Mobile. In this article I am going to show you how to use your mobile’s Screen Mirroring Option and an extra way to project your PC’s screen without any limit.

1. Your brand’s Screen Mirroring Option:

Almost all brands are having their own mirroring option included in the settings of the phone. This is common in all brands that a brand’s PC screen can be projected or mirrored to it’s own Mobile screen.

So if you have PC and Mobile of one brand or company you can easily mirror or project the PC to Mobile and Mobile to PC. Some tutorial links are listed below to show you how to project or mirror PC to Mobile or Mobile to PC screen.

2. Using Softwares to Project a PC screen on Mobile and Mobile on PC.

There are different types of applications for PC and Mobile that helps you to Share your PC and Mobile Screens. Here I’m going to introduce an application that allows you to project your PC screen on any android device and Project your android mobile’s  screen on PC. It also lets you use your mobile as a mouse or keyboard  or as a joystick.

Some Steps to Do all mentioned above:

  1. Download PC Remote Beta for your android mobile. [button link=”” target=”blank” color=”blue” icon=”icon-download” style=”gloss” size=”medium”]PC Remote (Beta)[/button]
  2. Download PC Remote Receiver for Windows. [button link=”” target=”blank” color=”blue” icon=”icon-download” style=”gloss” size=”medium”]PC Remote (Beta)[/button]
  3. Install On your Mobile and PC.
  4. Connect your Mobile and PC to same network.
  5. Open app in Mobile and PC; You must see screen like these:
    1. On android phone: Click on your PC which must be listed. (In this example Raza-i7)

PC to Mobile

Searching PC

After connection the below screen must appear on your PC.

PC connected to Mobile

Below screen must appear on your Mobile:

This screen allows you to use your mobile as a mouse or keyboard for your PC. In the next step I will introduce screen projection.

Mobile connected to PC

Other Features of this app:

1. Gaming Option: You can use your android mobile to play games on PC. Game Mode

2. Screen Project: Project your PC screen on Mobile or Mobile Screen On PC.

Project Mode


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