Good Blog Post Essentials

You’re at a good place. Good Blog Posts are having the most that they can. Whenever you visit a website and you find the contents unreadable, you likely don’t like to visit that again.

If you are a content writer or a blog owner, keep in mind that site’s good content can act as a key to best Site and Search Engine ranking. Good contents bring more viewers and audience to your website and drive more traffic. Questions may raise on how to write good contents, blog posts or articles; keep reading this article.

Here, I’m going to point out the most relevant points about creating a good blog post or content. By acting on these essential points you can create Good Blog Posts and drive more traffic to your sites.


Headlines - Blog Post Essentials
Headlines – Blog Post Essentials

“The headline that promises a reader a benefit is the best headline”, David Ogilvay

Your goal from the start is to get people to that first paragraph, so if they stop at the headline, the rest of your effort is wasted. Capture reader’s imagination and pull them deeper into your content.

Your headline is like your personal appearance — it is the first and perhaps only, impression people use to judge what is inside. For this reason, your headline should have some, if not all, of the following elements.

Descriptive: Your reader should gain a general understanding about the topic of your content.

Curiousity: make them feel, they can find what they want.

Exigency: Readers are more likely to read your content if it will no longer be relevant tomorrow.

Persuasive words and Sentences

Persuasive words and Sentences
Persuasive words and Sentences

Everything you write begins and ends with a sentence. So if you want to be an average

writer with average deep content, then write average sentences. If you want to be a great writer, however, then you need to start great sentences with persuasive words and that doesn’t mean to write a lot, but say the right things.

Keywords that are frequently searched in search Engines must be included relevant to contents, they can bring huge traffic to your site and be a good advertiser before Search Engines.

Writing style

Voice - Writing Style
Voice – Writing Style

You need a hero, a goal, an obstacle, a mentor and a moral because a good novel or movie begins with a character in conflict, then amplifies that conflict so that life becomes miserable, eventually ends in a satisfying resolution.

Your style of writing has a big influence on your readability. Business blogs are typically very neutral, written in third person and dryer than a thesis paper. When writing professional correspondences, this voice might be appropriate, but if you want to deliver more entertaining, interesting and engaging content, consider getting a little creative and don’t be afraid of inserting yourself into the conversation.

View (Visual)

Visual View
Visual View

One of the most effective ways to make your content readable is by converting it to a visual format, such as an infographic, slide deck or even a video. Doing so requires that you break your content down to its absolute bare bones, which again, for readers like me, makes it much easier to consume.

It’s is smart to let strong imagery do some of the heavy lifting instead of black lines with white backgrounds.


There are two camps when it comes to content length.

On the one hand, you have people such as me who enjoy short, quick bursts of information delivered in bullet points and hyperlinks. Because of the droves of information, we receive daily, I digest and share shorter content that is relevant, timely, useful and easy to read. It is why articles on Entrepreneur are often in the 500- to 1,000-word range.

The above headings are the most essentials to concentrate on while producing an article, blog post or site content. Be sure that posts with above characteristics are greatly optimized for search engines and readers. User can easily understand what he/she reads and search engines finds and brings the article in the first page.

Hope the article help you write great contents for your blog or website, keep following our articles.

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