Web Hosting & types & some popular Web Hosting Solutions

So you have a business and you would like to create a website for it. You get a domain name for your business and you manage all your web files for your website. Now, there has to be a computer or a data center (like hard-drive) that is connected to internet all the time where you can upload your web files and your clients can easily access those files from anywhere and anytime. So how do you do that???

Well; the answer to this question is Web Hosting! What is Web Hosting!?

Web Hosting

As explained in the picture below; web host is just like a data center. When you create a website, you upload your web files on a computer called the web host or server. This computer is literally 24/7 connected to the World Wide Web and makes your website accessible for your clients and users. Hence; web hosting is a service that helps individuals and organizations to post their website on the internet. Web hosting services also provide the services and technologies needed for a website or webpage to be viewed on the internet.

Web Hosting

Whenever a user wants to access any website, he simply types the domain name of the website in the browser. The browser will then connect to website’s server and the server will provide the webpages requested by the user. Therefore; web hosting is very necessary. Without a web host you will not be able to make your website accessible for your clients.

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Web Hosting Types

Basically there are 3 types of web hosting;

  1. Shared Web Hosting:
    Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting is probably the cheapest way to buy server for your website. In shared web hosting one server is basically shared among different websites. It is just like living in an apartment building where the same building is shared by several people. Most businesses use shard web hosting.
Some characteristics of shared web hosting:

  1. Cheap price (5 to 15 dollars a month)
  2. Same server is shared by many websites
  3. Slow loading speed and low performance of website
  4. Low hard drive space
  5. Low maintenance
  6. Does not allow you to install your own software and plugins
  7. Low security level
  8. Other website’s performance will affect your website

Well, shared hosting is quite a good hosting option for small businesses. But once yours business grows and more clients try to access your website, it just won’t be sufficient. In case your website’s traffic goes high, your website just won’t show up or even the server may go down.

So what you do if your business grows and more people try to access your website!??? The answer is VPS Web Hosting!

  1. VPS Web Hosting:
    VPS web hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS is a server inside another server. This type of web hosting is like you acquire a part of a big server only for your own website or websites. You do not share the server with other websites. In this type of web hosting you will have more freedom in maintaining your server rather than the shared web hosting. VPS web hosting is just like buying a townhouse. You can have all the control of your stuff inside your walls but still some rules of the town/ society will affect your work.

Some characteristics of VPS Web Hosting:

  1. Fair price (25 to 100 dollars a month)
  2. Provides broader space and freedom to the website
  3. Fair loading speed and good performance of website
  4. Gives you the freedom of installing your own software and plugins but not 100 %
  5. Provides security and in some cases backup also
  6. Other VPS servers performance will not affect your VPS server

Once your business grows and your website will start receiving 5,000+ visits per day, you will need to acquire a VPS web hosting server. It is quite good for medium businesses. You have the full control of the server.

But what if your website starts receiving 50,000+ visits per day!??? Probably your VPS web hosting server won’t answer these much need.

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  1. Dedicated Web Hosting:
    dedicated web hosting

Dedicated web hosting is an environment where you have the whole server in your control. In this type of web hosting you probably need technical staff in order to maintain and optimize your server. It is only worthy if you have a website that attracts more than 50,000 visits per day. Dedicated web hosting servers are very expensive as compared to VPS web hosting servers. Because you have the whole server for your own private use. Furthermore; dedicated web hosting servers give you the chance to organize your server as you desire to.

Some characteristics of Dedicated web hosting:

  1. Expensive (100 to 250 dollars a month)
  2. A whole server is allocated to you and you can organize it as per your desire
  3. Great loading speed and performance of your website
  4. You can install any script or software you wish to
  5. Provides high security and day to day backup
  6. You can reboot your server of turn on-off any time you want to

Some great Web Hosting Solutions/ websites that you probably can use

  1. Blue-Host
  2. Site-Ground
  3. Host-Gator
  4. Dream-Host
  5. Webjow
  6. eHost
  7. Go Daddy
  8. In Motion

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  • Not sure how you can recommend 1 – 3, all EIG hosts with a terrible reputation. I host with watthosting.com and have been very happy with their value for money shared hosting. Up time and support are excellent.

    • I appreciate the hosting service that you use. Our ranking of some of the best web hosting solutions were based upon some study and services they provide. Probably you might not have been happy with them, but lots of others who have used are happy and glad.

    • We appreciate the use of the hosting solution you use. Well probably there are many hosting solutions who provide great services and offers to the customers. Our ranking of some great web hosting solutions is based upon some study and services they provide. Might be the solution that you use is not much convenient to you but many others are much happy with that.

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