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How to Use Macro in Excel 2016 (Cont.)

How to Use Macro in Excel 2016 (Cont.)

Have a look on the previous tutorial (How to use Macros in MS OFFICE 2016) in which macros in MS Office and MS Word were explained, in this tutorial I am going to talk about Macro in Excel 2016. Though there are not much differences between Macros in different MS programs but there are some specification for each program.

How to Use Macro in Excel:

We will start with an example: Let’s make a macro that applies the SUM() function for ten (10) rows or numbers.

  • Profit: If we make this- then next time there is no need to write SUM() function again for that number of rows, we will need to apply or run the macro only.


  • Enter number values on ten consistent rows like below, navigate to VIEW tab and Macro group then click on the “Record Macro”.
  • Give a name, assign shortcut key and press ok to start recording.

Record Macro in Excel

  • Now place mouse point on the cell under the values and call SUM() function to calculate the sum of numbers.
  • When the sum of the values appears, you can stop the macro from the VIEW tab or STATUS BAR.

Macro recording process in Excel

Test the Recorded Macro:

Now it is time to test whether our Macro works or not. Keep in mind that you have given your Macro a shortcut key through which you can run the Macro and the second way to run the Macro is to go to the Macro groups and click View Macros then select the wanted Macro and press run.


  • Enter another ten values and place your mouse cursor below last value.
  • Run the Macro (by shortcut or Macro Options)
  • Check if the sum of the values appears at the end of all ten values.

Run Macro in Excel

My One Worked!
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