Top 10 Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2017

It was only during 1990s that programming got prominent in the market. It is 2017 now and demands for programmers are growing day by day. As this need is growing so does the programming languages. Although; a lot of new languages are being introduced every once in a while, there are some languages that are essential to learn due to their effectiveness and market demand. Moreover; as a beginner with such a great number of programming languages available you need to know which language to learn in a specific era.

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In this article, we have compiled the top 10 programming languages that are widely important to learn in 2017 based on their demands and flexibility. It is necessary to know that for specific jobs you might require to learn specific languages, but in general the following list proves to be the most in demand languages in 2017.
So; let’s go for it!

  1. Java Script Programming 2017
    Java Script
    , also abbreviated as JS, is a high level and Web-Based programming language. It was developed in 1995. Java Script is one of the three core technologies of World Wide Web content production besides HTML and CSS. All the modern browsers support it. Moreover; it is the foundation of a lot of commonly used libraries (like jQuery) and frameworks (like AngularJS, React JS and NodeJS). As a web developer, it is essential that you should have a solid understanding of this versatile language.
    Java Script is also used in environments that are not web-based, such as PDF documents, site-specific browsers, and desktop widgets.
  1. PHP Programming 2017
    is an open source and free language which is basically web-based. More than 25 million websites and applications on the internet are developed using PHP scripting language. PHP is also a server side script that is interpreted on the server while Java Script is a client side script that is interpreted by the client browser. But both PHP and Java Script can be embedded into HTML pages.
    PHP is a general purpose programming language mostly used to develop static websites, dynamic websites and web applications.
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    1. SQL Programming 2017
      stands for Sequential Query Language. It is in fact the language used to communicate with the databases. SQL is a standardized programming language used for managing relational databases and performing various operations on the data in them. Initially created in 1970s, SQL is regularly used by database administrators, as well as by developers writing data integration scripts.
    2. JAVA Programming 2017
      is a high-level and a fully Object Oriented Programming language. It was basically designed to look like the C++ language, but it came out to be much easier to use. Java is generally used to develop applications that may run on any device that has a Java Virtual Machine. In 2016, java was named as one the most popular programming languages in use with 9 million developers worldwide. Also more than 3 billion mobile phones around the world run Java.
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    3. C++ Programming 2017
      is a product of early 1980s. It was a big change in the world of programming as it was developed not only to provide fast performance but also high level features for programming organizations. It is called to be the god father of all programming languages alongside C language. C++ was also the inspiration to build Java.
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  1. Python Programming 2017
    is a widely used high level and general purpose programming language. Its syntax is easier and shorter than Java or C++ languages. It also supports multiple programming paradigm such as Object Oriented, functional programming, and procedural styles. Moreover; Python code can run over variety number of systems due to it interpreters.
  2. VB.NET Programming 2017
    Microsoft launched VB.Net in 2002 as the successor of Visual Basic. It is implemented on the .Net Framework. It is an event driven and object oriented programming language. VB.Net gives you the opportunity to develop Windows Forms Applications. It has a “What you see is what you get” environment.
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  3. Swift Programming 2017Objective C Programming 2017
    is a general purpose and compiled programm*** language developed by Apple Inc. for iOS. Its syntax is very much similar to Objective-C. Eventually swift was developed to fulfill the lacks which programmers faced while using Objective-C. Swift is one of the latest programming languages introduced and is growing popularity vice very much.

  4. C#
    , pronounced as C Sharp, is a multi-paradigm Object Oriented programming language. It is one C Sharp Programming 2017of the languages introduced in the .NET framework by Microsoft. It has a background of C programming language, the Origin of all the programming languages. The latest version of C# is C# 7.0 which was introduced in Visual Studio 2017.

  5. And the last in our list is Go Lang (Google Language). This language was develop by Google and GoLang Programming 2017publicized in 2009. Their goal was to create a language, loosely based on the syntax of C Programming Language, which would eliminate the “extraneous garbage” of languages like C++. Go has some great features such as operator overloading, pointer arithmetic, and type inheritance.

So this is our top 10 list of the programming languages that you must learn in 2017. This list is based upon factors such as usability, market demand, job opportunities and users interest. You can share your top 10 languages with us by commenting below.


  • You said python supports several paradigms. Can you please post a python code in functional paradigm (without object oriented ) which will create a a gui. I mean a simple hello world gui program in python without OOP.

    • Several Paradigms relates to the wide functionality of Python programming language. Python is surely one of the greatest programming languages up to date. Different paradigms of programming concepts does not only end up with Object Oriented Programming, Functional Programming, or Event Driven Programming concepts.

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