Raza Bayani

PHP Tutorials 7: String and Logical Operators

Welcome to the PHP tutorials: PHP Operators 3. Previously we’ve learned about some operators such as Comparison and Increment/Decrement Operators and Arithmetic and Assigment Operators. In this tutorial you will learn about the syntax and usages of String ...

Raza Bayani

PHP Tutorials 6: PHP Operators 2

Previously we have learnt about some of the PHP Operators, this article is continuance of the article “PHP Tutorials 5: PHP Operator“. PHP Operators: Increment/Decrement Operators: This operators are used to increment or decrement variables’ values. Concentrate on the example below with ...

Raza Bayani

PHP Tutorails 5: PHP Operators and Kinds’

After the discussing about the “First PHP Project“, “How to Print” and “Variables in PHP“, we are now going to learn about PHP Operators in this tutorial. PHP Operators: Actually operators perform operations on the data (values and variables) and return or ...

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