Starting with Visual Basic Programming Language

Visual Basic is a High Level Programming Language. A programming language uses a piece of code which is written by the developer and makes a decision. So it can solve a problem and make decisions. In order to do so; it uses data and algorithm. It takes the data from the user and runs that data through an algorithm to give the desired output.

Microsoft wanted to create a framework which should not be system dependent. So they created the .Net Framework. Therefore; when you type a program which runs on .Net framework, it does not run on the system. It actually runs on the framework itself.

The .Net framework supports various programming languages; such as, Visual Basic, Visual C++ and etc. The very dominant language which run on .Net framework is Visual Basic.

One of the characteristics of Visual Basic Programming Language is that it is easy to make windows in it. You simply need to drag and drop objects on your windows and the IDE itself will generate the piece of code for it.

Microsoft Visual Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which supports various programming languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual C# and etc.

Visual Studio Logo

How to install Visual Basic?

(The version we will be using; Visual Basic 2010)

  1. Open the following link in your browser. The download will automatically start.
  2. Once your download is finished; start installing the setup.
  3. Open the product; go to Help menu; click on ‘Register Product’
    Note: The registration process is completely free and only enquires about your email address, some preferences and developing skills.

Register Visual Basic

Enjoy coding with Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition
Important: You might also need to download and install .Net framework 4.0 along with VB.

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Why do you need to learn Visual Basic?

  1. GUI Interface:

Visual Basic is a Graphical User Interface program. It will always display something on the screen for the user to interact with. The first step to write a program in VB is to drag and drop objects from a drop-down menu then start coding correspondingly.

  1. Object Orientation:

VB is an Object Oriented Programming Language (OOP). It is the concept of programming where the user thinks of the programs as “objects”.

  1. Modularization:

The very best way to write programs and specially the large ones are to divide the program into several small units called modules. It will help to debug the code easily and user will also have only a small piece of code on the screen for a specific purpose.

Follow our further articles and tutorials to get started with coding in Visual Basic 2010 and make windows form applications.


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