The Sixth Generation of Computers (Robotics)

The term “Generation of Computers” is related to the evolution and technological advancements in the world of computing. Through every single major change in the world of computers such as reducing the size of memory chips and processors, reducing the price, and increasing the speed and capacity of computers a generation gab happens. Each technological change in the different generations of computers has made them smaller, faster and less expensive. In the mid twentieth century a computer could easily fill up a whole room or even bigger, but now a computer can be placed on the top of a desk or even on your lap. All these changes are studied under the “Computer Generations”.

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The first Generation of Computers



Basically there are six Generations of Computers. Starting from the first generation from 1946 with ENIAC which used Vacuum Tubes until now in the era of Artificial Intelligence, computers have progressively been changing. The latest Generation of Computers is the sixth Generation. The year 2017 is estimated to be “The Rise of The Robots”.

What is the sixth generation of Computer? And what is so special about this generation that has to be studied deeply?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a concept in programming which enables the devices to think and take actions on their own. This concept has broadly effected the world of gaming, robotics and voice recognition. Hence; AI is the major change in the sixth Generation of Computers.

Acer 6th Generation Laptop Acer E5-574G-54JL new model

Characteristics of Sixth Generation Computers

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Using the latest engineering advances, computers are now able to accept spoken word instructions (voice recognition) and copy human reasoning. The ability to translate a foreign language is also moderately possible with fifth generation computers. This feat seemed a simple objective at first, but appeared much more difficult when programmers realized that human understanding relies as much on context and meaning as it does on the simple translation of words.

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Another advancement that took place in the sixth generation of computer is the use of micro controller technology. Micro controllers are embedded inside the consumers’ devices in order to control their features and actions. They can function as small computers and are now a very essential part of those devices.
The sixth generation of computers is said to have a good resemblance with the human brain. But are not exactly like it. They are able to understand our feelings and emotions and we can control them physically. A very great example of the sixth generation of computers can be the Robots.

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With all said that; I would like to add the point that the world to computers and technology is changing rapidly. It wouldn’t be much of a shocking claim to say that soon the unexpected will also be possible in this world. There might come a time when all the jobs are or at least the common jobs now being performed by the human beings are done by the robots.


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