The most interesting Google Tricks and Games you must try once!

Google is one of the best search engines on the internet. But have you ever tried anything else with Google???

This article compiles the most interesting Google tricks you must try once.

Before going to discuss about the tricks, you must bring some changes in your browser. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to
  2. At the bottom right side of your browser window, click on “Settings” and then “Search Settings”.
  3. In “Google Instant Predictions” mark the “Never Show Instant results” and then at the bottom of the page click on save button.

Now, you are ready to try the most interesting Google Tricks. Let’s do it!

The following phrases have to be typed in the search bar in Google and then press Enter or click on “I’m Feeling Lucky”. You will see the magic tricks happening!

Google Tricks

  1. “Google gravity”
    This phrase collapses all the stuff in the window and the interesting point is that you still can search for items in the search bar.
    Google 4 GIF
  2. “Elgoog”
    Elgoog which is the inverse for Google, inverses the whole window. L You still can search in the search bar!Google 5 GIF
  3. “do a barrel roll”
    This phrase does a barrel roll with the Google window. The roll is done from right to left.
    Google 10 GIF
    In some cases, if you “do a barrel roll” twice instead of doing a barrel you will get the following window;“What’s wrong with Google”
    Google 10
  4. “Google in 1980”
    This phrase presents you with a very old version of Google search engine probably of 1980s. 😀 That time actually Google didn’t exist at all!
    Google 7 GIF
  5. “Google sphere”
    This phrase converts the Google window into a sphere. Wherever you move your mouse in the window, the sphere moves that side. Moreover; you still can search! 🙂
    Google 6 GIF
  6. “Google underwater”
    It creates an underwater environment with fish and whales around. You can still continue with your search.
    Google 8 GIF
  7. “Google in space”
    Generates a window with zero gravity. Everything in the window is floating around. You might find difficulties with the search bar.
    Google 9 GIF

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Google Games

  1. “Google pacman”
    This phrase generates a game of pacman. Use the arrow keys to move and achieve higher score.
    Google 2 GIF
  2. “Play breakout on Google”
    Google will generate a game for you. Enjoy it!
    Google 3 GIF
  3. “Zerg rush”
    This phrase is used to generate OOOs which destroy your search results. You have to stop these OOOs by clicking on them.
    Google 1 GIF

Hope you enjoyed these tricks and games. Be with us to be updated!


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