How to update your mobile's android version

People mostly like to have the latest versions of software they use. Updating android version is sometimes easy if your device is not rooted and is official. Rooted devices and sometimes non-rooted devices are also difficult to update. This article shows two easy ways on how to update Android version of your phone.

This is the most easiest way to update android and needs your phone to be connected to a WiFi, so the steps go as bellow:

Charge Your Phone

Your battery level must be above 50%, if you have decided to update your phone’s software. Mostly it is impossible to update if your mobile battery is bellow 50%.

1- System/Default Method Using Setting

Connect to WiFi

Updating Android version may cause your device a system reboot or more data usage, so it is better to connect your device with a WiFi connection before updating.

If the above configurations are done, then your need to:

  • Navigate to Setting
  • About Phone/Device/Software Update
  • Click Download Updates Manually

Updating starts, follow the company instructions for updating afterwards. You need to be patient, this process may take up to 1 hour or more.

2- Using Computer

If your device has a battery level above 50% charge, and you can not update your device through the system setting, then you need to try this method. follow the following process to update.

Download the Mobile Management App

You need to download the Mobile/Device Management Software on your PC in-order to update your device. This step varies according to your brand.


  • Install the downloaded software
  • Follow as the software instruction and download the latest and compatible android version for your device
  • Connect your mobile with your PC through USB cable
  • Open your device manager on your PC, Select your phone and Select Update option to update.
  • Follow instructions provided by the application.

Note: Different applications have different methods of updating system software so be careful.

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