Firsts Day to Web Design: How to start Web Designing?

Programming is a big part of computer and technologies’ world. It includes many categories such as: Web Design, Desktop Applications, Web Applications and Mobile Applications. In this series of tutorials, we are going to discuss about Web Designing. You will get the answer of the following questions by end of the “first day to Web Design” and you’ll know the importance of Web Design so keep reading!

  1. What is Web and Website?
  2. What is Web Designing?
  3. How to start Web Designing?
  4. What is IDE?
  5. What is HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

Web and Website:

In the Twenty-First century almost all the people know something about the internet. Nearly we can say that web is a thesaurus to Internet. Web is network of HTML documents which are linked together and located all over the world. Internet is based on the webpages. A website is a collection of some related webpages that follows same purpose(s).

Web Design:

As mentioned before, Web is a network of HTML documents which are linked together; Web Designing is to give the HTML documents a better look and friendly UI (User Interface). The way you design web pages is called Web Designing.


Stands on HyperText Markup Language. Webpages are built with HTML. HTML has some versions and the latest one is HTML5. HTML is a loosely type programming language which is not containing any logical expressions or statements. It is based on tags which are the bones of HTML.

How to Start Web Design?

Starting web designing is easy and it doesn’t need anything special to do. Though you need to know about the basic courses of computer and have knowledge about the concept of Computers. Web Design starts with HTML and to you’ve to choose an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) from the available IDE softwares to write the HTML codes. Throughout this tutorial series I’ll use SublimeText3 to write the codes.


HTML can only design and manage the main structure of a webpage. CSS gives the structure a friendly and nice UI. You can stylize, colorize and customize the webpage UI made through HTML with CSS.


JavaScript is a strict type programming language which has logical expressions such as: loops, functions, conditions and many more things.

Add more fun and customization to your webpages such as models, sliders, picture preview and etc. through javascript and make it easier to use and good looking for the users.

The next tutorial we’ll start to learn HTML5.


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