Cplusplus 17: brings more power and simplicity

Know More About Cplusplus:

There is no programmer in the world who don’t know about Cplusplus programming language. The updated version of C language with object orientation. In this article, I’ll be talking about newer version C++ 17 which will be released in 2017.

Cplusplus was introduced 33 years ago by Bjarne Stroustrup and for that, he deserves our big salute. As long as you keep it simple C++ is a good and reasonably modern object-oriented language.It is still close enough to the machine architecture to produce programs that run about as fast as possible.

But every programming language needs to be updated time to time. In the case of C++, New features have to be introduced in such a way that they don’t break existing programs. This has resulted in a less-than-perfect development of the language.

It has been discussed at the recent standards meeting in Oulu, Finland. There the actual and final features list of C++ has been finalized. The new Cplusplus 17 standards are introducing new features like structured bindings and if initializers, making this vintage programming language “feature complete”.

The C++ community is calling C++17 the start of a new era that will bring powerful technical specifications and overcome the known issues. The non-Cplusplus 17 features will be released later as add-ons in future releases.

Here’s the list of the most features that will be on Cplusplus 17:

  1. C++ 17 is based on C11
  2. Dynamic memory allocation for over-aligned data
  3. Guaranteed copy elision
  4. Forward process guarantees (FPG)
  5. Structured bindings
  6. if (init; condition) and switch (init; condition)
  7. constexpr if
  8. Inline variables
  9. A weaker version of fixed order-of-evaluation for expressions
    Template argument deduction for class templates

According to the c++ community, this major update aims to make C++ an easier language to work with and brings powerful technical specifications.


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