How to become a computer programmer?

Writing code is quit an interesting job to do. Now that you have decided to become a computer programmer and start writing codes, lots of questions are going to pop up in your mind as “Where to start?”, “How to start?”, “Which language do I use?” and so on.

Programming is simply solving different problems. Just as you learn how to solve Math problems from quit easy ones to the difficult ones, you need to learn “How to code?” from easy to the difficult ones. The answer to the above questions are tough. Still there are some basic points to be discussed in order to become a better computer programmer. So!!!

Which language to get started with?

This is mostly the very first question a new programmer asks. It is indeed an important question, too. There are some languages which are fast, some others are easy to learn, and some are there which are built for quality industrial standards. Before stepping forward it is necessary to be told that none of this factors do matter for a person who wants to start coding. Because most of the languages you are supposed to choose are similar in syntax and rules. Once you get familiar with one of them, others will surely be much easier to learn. Below I will provide you an example to display the message “Hello, Welcome to!” following the syntax of different languages.


C Programming



C++ Programming



Java Programming



Python Programming

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As you can see in the above codes, the syntax for most of the languages do not differ very much. Only by reading some books and watching some short videos you can improve your skill in writing codes. What matters really at first is just hit the start button. No matter which language you choose or where you start from. Only you need to take care of choosing easy programs for your first few programs, so that you might not be bored of writing codes while trying to understand the complex syntax.



Putting all the things said aside; below are some of the steps you need to follow to become a computer programmer:

Step one:

Identify your interest as what type of programming are you more interested into. Is it being a website developer, application developer, gaming or etc.?

Step two:

Find the best language you can use in corresponding to the type of programming you chose in the first step.

Step three:

Start learning the syntax of the language you selected by writing very basic programs and watching tutorial videos.

Step four:

Run the codes you type and try to figure out where you have missed or made mistakes and try to rectify them on your own. And then start writing codes for solving more difficult problems and run them.

Step five:

Practice and Practice and Practice! As the practice makes a man perfect.

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Note: Most of the programmers do not stick to the very first language they learned. As you start to code more difficult programs and learn new languages, you understand that what really matters is not the language you use, it is the problem you work on and the logic you develop to solve a certain problem.

Good Luck on writing codes! 🙂
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