How to speed up android mobile

If you are one of those people who are bored of android low speed; for example, when you click on HOME BUTTON it takes much time to take you to homepage or when you need to type something and it takes longer than usual – don’t worry, this article is for you. We introduce some good ways that can help you to speed up your android phone.

Why android phones’ speed slow down?

There are many reasons that can affect the speed of any android phone and many of them may be hardware problems. Hardware components of the mobile phones are thin, delicate and sensitive. They can be easily damaged if you don’t take care of them and they may cause software damage too.
The number of cores (CPUs) does not completely reduce the speed of the processor, and factors such as architecture, operating frequency, memory cache, lithography and many other things have a major impact on the processor performance.

Easy tricks to speed up your phone:

1- Clearing App Cache

While you use your phone – install applications on it or use them, applications run on App Cache and cause to slow your phone. For clearing the cache of any application, navigate to the application’s property and select “Clear Cache”.

Clear App Cache

Repeat this process once awhile for each application in order to be free of redundant and useless data. Many applications in the market can do this for you.

2- Restrict Background Data

Many programs that work with the internet like Facebook, Twitter and all such software, as soon as they open, begin to send and receive information. These applications use internet not only when they are open but they use sources and internet while they are not open too.

3- Memory and Storage Management

You can manage the device speed by managing the device memory and storage. Delete everything useless in your phone. Clear the memory and storage once a while. Applications you don’t use anymore, remove them.

Clearing Storage

You can use effective applications available in the Play Store. Don’t install every app you get for this purpose, but try to look up for the best one among all.

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