Most Secure Mobile Operating System

Mobile Security has always been one the most important issues among users. Specially for some users with the jobs that need mobile phones with high security for their important data. One of the reasons is; while you’re connected to the internet, your data and security is endangered. If your device is hacked by hackers or harmful software then your data might be stolen in absence of high security. In this article we’re trying to overview the security of mobile operating systems and introduce the secure one for you.

What is Mobile Operating System?

At early days of Mobile Invention, It was not a complicated device neither need a complicated software. After production of first & second generation of Smart Phones in the electronic world, the companies tried to produce mobiles that must perform small tasks that were done by computers before. Afterwards companies started to compete on mobile software along with its hardware. Operating System is the responsible to translate the instructions of the users to the hardware and show the result on the gadget. Mobile Operating Systems are almost same as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS and etc. but simple structured and operable with high-band wireless waves.

Types of Mobile Operating Systems

  • Android
  • iOS
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows OS
  • Symbian
  • Bada

Comparison of MOSs

Comparing Mobile Operating Systems
Comparing Mobile Operating Systems

MDM or Mobile Device Management:

MDM is technology used for mobile and information security. It is installed on relevant companies’ servers and controls the system security for mobile phones.

The Most Secure Operating System:

Each Operating System might have its own flaws and vantages. Operating Systems’ security is very important and is first thing a user might think of. Users must know that all smart phones are having 3 important security layers and activate them in their phones.

  1. System Security Layer
    This layer makes you able to erase your all information after you lost your phone.
  1. Data Security Layer
    The DSL layer Avoids transferring shared data on network and your personal application executing on a system.
  1. Application Management Security
    Secures your applications’ information against security issues.

Windows OS (For Mobile)

Windows Mobile Operating System
Windows Mobile Operating System

Windows OS for mobile is the most secure operating system among all operating system used for mobile phones. This operating system has limited the access lists and made security high. For downloading applications, you need for your device, you must suffer the security filters and if you don’t Gel-Break you phone, you even can’t download some of them. This operating system does not hang/force-stop and all your passwords and information are saver than in other Oss. Window OS has flaws but and is not 100% secure and good but these bugs are being fixed by updates. It good then to have updated OS.

  • Advantages: Compatible with windows, Security is getting better
  • Flaw/Weakness: Low Security Experience in past


BlackBerry Mobile Operating System
BlackBerry Mobile Operating System

BlackBerry installs a specific operating system on phones produced by it, known as; Black Berry OS. This operating system was one of the most secure operating system but with the progresses in technology and updates that marge it with android, its security is moving on a low security path. The reason that makes BlackBerry again on the top secure OS list is its encryption system that with ignoring the smart phone model, protects the user data. Blackberry mobiles are made for businesses. Though this operating system comes in the secured OS list but the applications it introduces are not much good.

  • Advantages: the major designing focus is on the middle-wide tech companies’ security
  • Flaws/Weakness: a user using a Blackberry needs another phone to fulfill the personal requirement that bring security issues.


iOS Mobile Operating System
iOS Mobile Operating System

Apple tries to secure the iOS as others do. It uses very high security plans to keep secure the phone such as: for downloading any application from the App Store you must pass the Apple Security Filter. Apple checks the security and if authorized, allows you to download the application. We must remember that iOS and Android are based on Linux which is why we say they are not much secure.

  • Advantages: great security stability and reliable
  • Flaws/Weakness: Vulnerable against bad sectors and is fully dependent to Apple’s Security Settings, High price but not 100% security guaranty.


It provides very large amount of services and makes you interact with everything but actually is very vulnerable against security issues.

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