Raza Bayani

What is Interface and Concept of Interface in Java?

While learning Java you might think or this question may raise in your mind  that what is an INTERFACE in java, and  how does it differ from the Class, Subclass or any Abstract class. What is an Interface in Java: An interface ...

Javid Bahonar

Introduction to Intelligence & Artificial Intelligence

“Very soon the world will witness the very first court case won by Artificial Intelligence.” Computers and machines were invented to ease the human tasks. Since their inventions, their capabilities have grown exponentially. They have decreased in size and ...

Raza Bayani

How to build a responsive site structure with bootstrap

This article is presented to show the easiest way for creating a responsive site structure, therefor first we will go to understand bootstrap, concept and elements of it. Then after we will code to build the responsive and flexible structure ...

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