Javid Bahonar

Errors List in Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition

Errors are a very big part of any programming language. They are important to get familiar with and know how to solve them in the code. Basically; all the programming languages deal with 3 different types of errors. Syntax errors are ...

Raza Bayani

PHP Tutorails 5: PHP Operators and Kinds’

After the discussing about the “First PHP Project“, “How to Print” and “Variables in PHP“, we are now going to learn about PHP Operators in this tutorial. PHP Operators: Actually operators perform operations on the data (values and variables) and return or ...

Raza Bayani

How to Process on One-Dimensional Array in C++

We have already explained about One-Dimensional array (click Here to see the tutorial) in previous tutorials, in this tutorials usages and some operations that one-dimensional arrays can do; will be the main topic. Some of the basic operations performed on a one-dimensional array are initializing, ...

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